Thursday Morning: 9:00am – 09:55 am
Fenton’s Community Centre – £6.00
Walks in welcome

Saturday Morning: 9:45am – 10:45am
Cirencester Primary School – £6.00
Walks in welcome

Please contact Tori for more information.


“Awesome Fitsteps class tonight, I have 2 left feet but the instruction was fantastic so I was able to follow the routines. Really good fun!!”

“Fab class tonight Tori, great new music and new dances/steps!”

Such a fun class, and a great workout!!”

“I tried the Saturday morning class last week and really enjoyed it. I’m not particularly good at picking up routines or dancing for that matter, but this was great. Short, sharp excercise routines with a different dance step to each music track. I’m hooked. Thank you Tori, for your excellent teaching.”



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